Welcome to WRA!

Welcome To Wichita Rowing Association!

Ready all, row!

The grace of skimming along just on top of the water is deceptive as to the strength and coordination required to form that seemingly effortless stroke.  There’s no sitting on a bench waiting for your turn – here everyone gets to play!  It takes all you’ve got and then some, but the thrill of racing on the water is indescribable!

Explore the Wichita Rowing Association where everyone learns to work at and take pride in being part of our team!

We want you to join us!  Find out how you can become a WRA member here.

Come down to the Little Arkansas River.  Boats, equipment and dock are located in Riverside Park, just east of the Ralph Wulz Tennis Center and southwest of the Nims bridge.”

To learn even more, click this link to view a video by City 7 and the Wichita Rowing Association:  City7 & the Wichita Rowing Association

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